Zuhlke Strategy Day on the HMS Belfast

We recently had our companies strategy day. Zuhlke treated us by holding the day at the HMS Belfast. Our meetings were held in the Admirals Quarters. We discussed the past, present and future of Zuhlke, focusing on the London office. Obviously I cannot give specifics about the discussions, but one common topic was our agile approach to project management. We have had great success in applying agile methods to managing projects. This combined with our Test Driven Development (TDD) has led to many successful projects.

Once the business part of the day was over, we were given permission to view parts of the war ship which are not usually accessible to the public. This was a wonderful experience, have a look at the slide show below to view some of the pictures. Unfortunately the images fail to capture the humbling feeling one gets from being on such a magnificent war ship.

I would like to thank Zuhlke and the staff at the HMS Belfast.


Microsoft - Silverlight

Silverlight is a Microsoft plug-in which provides support for Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). Silverlight enables graphical and animation displays with multimedia and interactivity built in. This is comparable to the functionality provided by Flash. Similarly to java, Silverlight runs within a sandbox to cater for security. The programming model is extremely flexible supporting multiple languages including VB, C#, Python, and Ruby. Silverlight integrates with existing AJAX style Web applications.


The Silverlight plug-in uses Extensible Application Mark-up Language (XAML) to render user interfaces within a browser. Silverlight can run on Explorer 6+, Firefox 1.5+ & 2 and Safari 2 on the latest Windows (XP, Server 2003 and Vista) and Mac OS X platforms. The plug-in is capable of playing different media formats (VC-1, WMA and MP3). The plug-in does not require the .NET Framework or Windows Media Player to be present on the client.


Microsoft – Silverlight



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