I am an independent software engineer and ScrumMaster. I have a keen interested in all software related technologies and methodologies.

If you are interested in agile or lean please join us for one of our events Agile Practitioners. You are welcome to contact me using the form below.

Thanks, Daryn

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  1. Hi,

    You did an excellent job on the Routing Rail 2.0 tutorial. I’ve been trying to learn Rail for the past week but had trouble with the routing concepts. The Rail tutorials that I’ve attempted always give me a routing error. I get frustrated and search for another Rail tutorial. I appreciate your time and effort in putting this blog together. Thanks alot.

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  3. Hi Daryn,
    I cannot find your email address anywhere on your site, but I was hoping to talk with you over the phone about your blog; do you think this would be possible?

    Please, let me know.

  4. Hi Daryn,
    I was watching one of your videos on youtube. It’s with regards to Selenium Webdriver using C# .NET. It’s an excellent introductory video for beginners like me! I have learnt a lot from that video and that will be helping me in getting started with automation testing.
    Best Regards,

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